Heroes of NFT is a new-generation blockchain gaming experience with a real economy. Heroes of NFT is an ecosystem that consists of three main foundations: NFT assets, HON token and HRM token.


The NFT assets are the core component of the gameplay. The players will be challenged by the game and by each other with the hero (HRO) cards. Other NFT assets enrich the gameplay thus making it more enjoyable. While NFT assets are player ownable also they’re tradable on the marketplace.

Heroes of NFT Tokens

Heroes of NFT will use at least %20 of revenue coming from NFT cards to buy back Heroes of NFT ecosystem tokens after the final release of the game. In this way, we can share the revenue with the community. Especially holders of HON token will be enjoyed with this price stability.

-HRM token, which is the game reward token, is unlimited. HRM Tokens may be bought or burned when necessary.

HON Token

HON token is the main indicator for the administration of the game. Holders of HON token will be decision-makers for the game’s future events. Hon token is hard-capped to 200 million tokens and will be distributed in 5 years of yield farming and single staking. NFT asset exchange over the marketplace will be based on HON token, in this way, one percent of exchanged HON collected again. Marketplace participation has a key role in stabilizing the value of governance.

HRM Token

P2E mechanics depend on Heroes Reward Money(HRM) in its essence. Its name defines the value generated by playing. Starting with PvP and AI-backed PvE modes, players can earn real value represented with HRM token by simply winning the rounds. HRM token is the main currency of in-game items, such that consumables, potions , and single-use power-ups. Besides, it’ll be used to enter serious gaming competitions as a fee. The spent HRM tokens will simply burn and create an opposite effect on HRM reward inflation.

Heroes of NFT Value Generation Model

Play to Earn games have an economically closed system. For this reason, any provided stimulus to play to earn an ecosystem is very crucial. For this reason, Heroes of NFT will share at least %20 of revenue with the ecosystem. In a closed system, establishing any dependencies between parties is very important for a sustainable economy. We created a division of labor and roles in the Heroes of the NFT ecosystem. With this innovative model, people don’t need to play the game but still can benefit from Heroes of NFT.


Investors in yield farm protocol, farming is a way to generate rewards in the form of additional HON tokens. While raising funds for the game economy, they will also be shareholders of Heroes of NFT's ecosystem. They will be able to benefit from the generated income. Farmers are expected to be from the early adopters groups especially those coming from private sales. They will provide HON Tokens to ecosystem.

They got fed up with pay to win, want to enjoy play to earn. They are expected to be mostly from younger groups from especially developing countries. They will be online on the game to earn more HRM Tokens. But they will also be the ones who spend AVAX for buying NFTs and spend HON in the marketplace for Hero NFTs, skins, lands, Hero Super Powers (HSP), Hero Items (HIT) and HRM in- game items. But most of the NFTs that Gamers need will be generated by the Workers.

A role designed for people who do not play the game as much as Gamers but want to generate income from the Heroes of NFT ecosystem. They will spend AVAX to buy Hero character NFTs to stake together with HON Token to generate HSP NFTs and HIT NFTs for the gamers. Generation of HSP NFTs and HIT NFTs will need HRM burning but also it is possible that some percentage of HON Token that was staked, can be taken as a fee. Workers naturally become HON holders due to restrictions of staking. But also at the same time, they need to have HRM for the gaming upgrades which will be generated by Gamers.

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