HON's core team

Co-founder/CEO; has a bachelor's degree in Electric and Electronic Engineering and MBA degree and worked in system administration field with strong abilities in shell scripting and python in the public sector for some years and has over 13 years of total experience in the energy sector as an executive. He is an early investor and validator of Avalanche. Twitter: @memur010101

Co-founder/Business development and Financial Affairs; has a bachelor's degree in Economics and MBA, and over 15 years of experience in multinational companies as a financial analyst and corporate finance Executive. Twitter:@helaxes

Co-founder/Blockchain & full-stack developer; has a bachelor's degree in Computer Sciences. and expertise in C/C++, Nodejs, Solidity. Developer for 6 years mainly specialized in backend development with a total experience of over 12 years and a serial entrepreneur. Twitter: @defikintaro

Co-founder/Game Developer; has a bachelor's and a master's degree in Computer Sciences; and Expertise in Object-Oriented Architecture, Socket programming, C/C++/C#, Unity, Unreal Engine, VR and AR developments; with total experience of over 12 years.Twitter: @4chil1

Creative Director/Story Developer; Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature, Masters degree in Journalism and Media Communications. Speaks four languages and worked as a Music Journalist. Twitter: @suwithlemon

Marketing Manager; Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Public Administration, worked in different NGOs and international organizations for 4 years. Twitter: @CaesarJulius0

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