$Hon Tokenomics

Hon Governance Token

$Hon Token is a governance indicator of Heroes of Nft economy. It has 200 M hard-cap supply and compatible with the all chains on Avalanche network. $Hon Token is minted on X-Chain and then transferred to C-Chain for using in smart contracts.


The tokenomics of the Hon token is designed to meet the needs of the platform, players and crypto enthusiasts. The economic value that Hon has comes from the three main sources:

  • Liquidity farming & NFT-$HON staking

  • Marketplace volume & fees

  • New NFT creation


Hon Token will be used as a main currency in the Heroes of Nft marketplace. This marketplace will be support both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens. Fees are below:

  • Listing fee: %1 of the listing price

  • Order execution fee: %4 of execution price (subject to change for balancing supply & demand)

NFT Creation

In game items and special power up cards will be generated by Hon staking. Details are still in discussion.


Yield Farming | Staking

47.5 M (23.75%) Hon Token will totally be distributed in 5 years. The reward will be increased by 20% each year. The breakdown of the expected Hon Token rewarding process is shown below


Main responsible contract for the Hon Token distribution by yield farming. It's audited by Certik. Our novel approach in yield farming, it depends on 1 hour time periods similar to traditional interest yield systems. Below the reward timepoints are shown. For example, if a reward is claimed between t1~t2 timepoints, farmer has to -at least- wait for t2 timepoint to claim next reward.


38 M of the supply is allocated for presale to fund the game development and community building. The distribution is below:

  • Strategic Sale 6M

  • Private Sale 16M

  • Community Sale 6M ; 750 eligible community members with 600$ hard cap

  • IDO 10M

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