(This gameplay version is outdated; it was designed for the POC version of the game. Please do not consider it as representative of the product we are currently working on.)

Create a game:

  • Click on the "ENTER HERE" button

  • The game will be loaded shortly. After that, click "INVENTORY" button on left side.

  • Players should have at least 10 cards to play the game.

  • To create a game, a player should select 10 cards for his deck.

  • When the 10 cards have been selected, the HoN logo will appear at the top and start to animate.

  • After that click the Play button on left side.

  • For the moment you can play against other players or AI Bots.

  • To play against other players, one of the players should "Create" a game.

  • The other player should “Join” the game.

  • After two players click on ”ACCEPT”, the game screen will appear

  • To Play against AI, click the "TRAINING/AI MATCH" button at the top.

  • After that; select difficulty mode and click "Play Against AI" button.


Arena Screen

  1. At the top left side, you can see your stats. When you choose a card to attack or defend, you see your attack/defense power there. The orange bar is your attack power and the blue bar shows your defense power. You can follow the positions of your opponent at the right top side of the screen.

  2. At the top right side; you can see your opponent's stats.

  3. You place your cards in three empty places and from left to right in the sequence you want to use them. The order matters and it is an important part of your strategy.

  4. Your opponent will place his/her cards in three empty places and from left to right in the sequence they want to use their cards. The order matters and it is an important part of their strategy.

  5. You can see your score under the player square. When you win a match, it will increase by 1; and whoever wins two matches will win the game.

  6. You can see your opponent’s score.

  7. The orange button at the center of the screen will help you transition between the two states of the game. State transitions are mostly done manually but later on, they will be automatized as much as possible.

  8. The blue box shows the game instructions. Follow this message box to see what to do, at least for the beginning. Later on, you may not need the reminders.

  9. The gray message box is nonfunctional at the moment, but later on, war logs or other related information will be posted there; and you will be able to follow while you play.

When you need to take action, Heroes of NFT logo will be rotating.

Heroes of NFT Cards

There are two types of cards, attack cards and defense cards. The more offense or defense power they got the rarer they become. Rarity levels are common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary.

The attack power of the cards is at the left bottom, there is a sword icon near it.

The defense power of the cards is at the right bottom, there is a shield icon near it.

Game Mechanism

The purpose of the game is to decrease the opponent’s health. But to make it easier to understand let’s imagine that you are a commander, and your opponent is a commander as well. You both have an army of Heroes. When there are no Heroes left defending the commander, it means that the commander is open to any attack. Only Heroes can defend the commander, to the limit of their defense power, and as long as they are put in defense mode.

  • When the dice are rolled, the winner starts the game. But since the opponent will have no heroes to defend himself/herself, the attack will directly decrease the health power of the opponent's commander. The dice are rolled, and the winner has the chance to ambush his/her opponent.

  • When a commander attacks the opponent, after this attack he becomes vulnerable to the opponent’s attack since the defense score is set to zero after every attack on the opponent.

  • Players can select an attack or defense based on their strategy.

  • When Player No.1 selects defense mode for a hero, that hero cannot attack. If the hero is attacked but still alive for the next round; or if it is not been attacked by Player No2 and in the next round Player No1 chooses to attack Player No2; the attack power of the hero which was previously in the defense mode and the attack power of the hero played in the current round are added together.

  • When two cards are in the defense mode, defense powers are not added together, the card with weaker defense power is taken into account.

  • Effect of the attacks are calculated as follow.

Damage power = Attack power of the player – defense power of the opponent

New Health power = health power – damage power

How to Play

  • In order to play the game with different tactics, players should have as many cards as possible.

  • Follow the instructions in the blue box.

  • Click on the cards based on your strategy so that you can place the cards in your three places on the game screen

  • Resource management is important.

  • As it was told in the blue box, now the player should lock his deck (click on the orange button), then wait for his/her opponent's action.

  • After locking, the next step is rolling the dice to decide who starts the game first.

  • If you rolled the highest number then you are the first to make the action.

  • Click on the card to select a mode, attack, or defense.

  • After you decide to attack or defense, you should click on the orange button to approve. You can follow your position from your stats.

  • As can be seen, the player's Dmitry card with 83 attack power was put in attack mode and the opponent Rebecca with 74 defense power is in defense mode. 83-74 = 9, this amount will be deducted from the opponent player's health.

  • The Opponent player's health decreased from 170 to 161.

  • These two heroes are out of the game now. There are skull icons over the cards.

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