Uniqueness of the HON ecosystem

Heroes of Nft is the first gaming ecosystem that make use of the Avalanche's blazingly fast infrastructure.

HON and HRM tokens are the Avalanche Native Token (ANT) that initially created on X-Chain then imported to C-Chain to be distributed and used in the smart contracts. They can be also re-imported to X-chain to make use of Avalanche's blazingly fast DAG chain. In this way HON and HRM tokens will keep up with the future developments on X-Chain.

Avalanche's X-Chain(DAG) speed is superior and transaction costs are lower than the C-Chain(linear). This lowers the cost of play-2-earn money HRM which will be minted only in X-Chain.

Heroes of Nft is designed to be work on multiple chains. The ANT version of HON and HRM is the main assets of the game. The token representations of these assets in different chains such as C-Chain and future Heroes-Chain will be gateways of the HON & HRM to be used on separate chains simultaneously. The metaverse world of HON will combine this multi-chain infrastructure into a single ecosystem.

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