Heroes of NFT Ambassador Program

“Quest for Heroes” A call to action for new HON Ambassadors. Join Us!

We are recruiting Heroes to participate, gain work experience, and gain access to a special incentive system.

a) Application process

We want to make assembling this group of Heroes as enjoyable as possible! Thus, we want to show your skills by preparing a thread, infographic, video, content, etc. regarding Heroes of NFT itself.

Topic suggestions:

1- Introduction to HON

2- Introduction to Phosphania, the metaverse of the HON ecosystem

3- What is the position of HON in the Avalanche GameFi ecosystem?

4- How does HON differ from its competitors?

5- Introduction to HON idle game

6-Level-up feature of HON NFTs

7-Recent developments of Heroes of NFT

7- Introduction to HON PvP Game

Rules for the application

1- You need to quote retweet the announcement tweet (link will be shared)

2- You need to tag Heroes of NFT

3- The content needs to be original, copy-pastes will not be allowed

4- You need to submit your application by the deadline

5- The submission must include the #QuestforHeroes hashtag!

b) Ambassador Responsibilities

There will be monthly expectations from ambassadors. They will complete the requirements according to their skill sets to be eligible for compensation.

Establish, grow, and engage with digital communities

  • Educate the public

  • Develop bots and tools

  • Translate texts

  • Create visuals, documents, guidelines, and events

The HON Council

Every new HON Ambassador will gain access to a separate and private Discord channel called the HON Council. This channel is designed to provide additional value to Ambassadors and give them more reason and desire for progress. In many ways, The Council is a place for feedback, voting, opinions, and insight from all within.

We hope that by bringing you into The Council, you will further champion the HON cause and develop a greater connection with the project due to how much influence your input can have. To add to that, Ambassadors gain a front-row seat to exclusive updates and developments before they go live, being the first to know about things like NFT upgrades and Land Sales.

Ambassador of the Month

Each month we will provide additional rewards to the Ambassador that has made the greatest strides, the most lauded contributions, and who has gone above and beyond in their role. Voted on by fellow Ambassadors, the Ambassador of the month will receive a @mention and praise on Twitter, as well as one of the following:

  • Free NFT (HON NFT or an NFT collected through a collaboration)

  • Discounted land plot - from the upcoming sale

  • Token allocation - HON’s token or from a collab project

  • Free mint allocation from other projects from PRO outreach

c) Compensation

Whilst many people thirst for adventure alone, it’s only right that we are rewarded for our toil. To encourage brave contributors to join our journey, we offer a unique set of rewards.

Performance-based payment

  • Performance-based payment

  • OG role on the Official HON Discord Channel

  • Take part in Alpha events and discussions

  • Invitation to special HON events and launches

  • Early access to new content

  • Even more token reward opportunities

To learn more about Heroes of NFT:

Website: ​​https://heroesofnft.com/

Medium: ​​https://blog.heroesofnft.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/heroesofnft?t=m2lOrhG_gzz72jtl2SIOHw&s=08

Docs: https://docs.heroesofnft.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/nJj6sSWJqX

Telegram groups:

Global: https://t.me/heroesofNFTofficial

Turkish: https://t.me/heroesofNFTTurkish

Japanese: https://t.me/heroesofnftJapan

Vietnamese: https://t.me/heroesofnftVietnam

Indian: https://t.me/heroesofnftIndia

Spanish: https://t.me/heroesofnftSpanish

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