Frequently Asked Questions

Can you talk about overview of Heroes of NFT?

Our main goal in the Heroes of NFT project is to create a game ecosystem that is linked to the overall metaverse. We want our users to play other games besides the first game we developed, Heroes of NFT while spending time in our waiting lobby.

Heroes of NFT is a metaverse where players can create their own Metasphere, roam the universe, interact, and trade Avalanche NFTs with other users while enjoying the play-to-earn games in our battle arenas.

Our entire project is named after our first game, Heroes of NFT for the time being. In the future, we plan to use a different brand for the overall project so that we can offer additional games to our users.

Heroes of NFT is a turn-based collectible trading card game where you need to devise a strategy rather than rely on pure chance or the strength of your heroes. You will battle with your heroes against your opponents to complete missions and reach victory. Players can compete in arena battles or enter tournaments to show off their talents while using distinctive hero cards. HRM tokens will also be awarded to the winners. Additions to the game mechanics such as spell cards, weapons, and cosmetics will bring your heroes extra power and customization options, making the tournaments extra challenging and exciting while having an avatar that represents who you are. Furthermore, these items will be available for sale in the marketplace and bring more volume to the game economy. Advancing through the reward paths with experience gains, awards all the players with HRM tokens as well as spell cards. The Play 2 Earn mechanics of our game will allow players to benefit from the game economy.

What advantages does Heroes of NFT offer over other NFT projects?

Heroes of NFT differ from other projects in a few areas.

We have created an innovative division of labor in the Heroes of NFT ecosystem. With this model, users can enjoy Heroes of NFT without having to play the game.

Early investors, which we call Farmers, will benefit from providing HON tokens to the ecosystem thanks to the yield farming protocol.

Gamers who will make up the majority will earn HRM tokens by playing the game. They will also be the ones who spend AVAX to buy NFTs and spend HON in the marketplace for Hero NFTs, skins, terrains, hero superpowers, hero items and spend HRM for in-game items.

Workers who will not play the game as much as gamers but who still want to earn income from Heroes of NFT will earn income by staking character NFTs together with HON tokens.

Having an interactive game that you can play against your opponents as opposed to a browser-based idle game differentiates us from the many projects on the Avalanche network. An additional advantage is that players can start to play the game with a relatively lower investment compared to some other projects.

Furthermore, holders of our governance token, HON, will determine the future of the game through project DAO and thus the community will have a tangible impact in designing the future of the game. Having all these features, Heroes of NFT distinguishes itself from others.

What are the utilities of HON? How do you think you stand out among the competitors if there are any?

The HON Token serves as a governance token. We'll distribute majority of HON supply via gaming, yield farming, and NFT with HON token staking in addition to our sales rounds. Staking NFT with HON token is for our small investors who do not want to lose money in any impermanent loss. HON tokens will be staked together with NFTs to earn more HON tokens. Additional utility will occur by the creation of new NFTs. For example, players will stake their NFT character cards and will need to utilize HON tokens to construct new NFTs such as items, weapons, and power-ups as erc1155 NFTs with a drop rate according to the rarity of staked NFTs.

Holding HON token also grants players entrance to special competitions and tournaments with extra yields. These yields are not limited to HRM rewards but also items, collectibles, and power-ups.

Another benefit of the HON token is that it will be used in the marketplace by our users. Our Metasphere (land) sales will also be conducted in HON Token.

Because the HON token serves as our governance token, it is designed to make sure that HON holders are satisfied with the overall mechanics and economics.

Could you describe the security measures of HON? Have you had an audit carried out by any third party?

Certik has audited our most essential contracts. We have gone through a KYC with Avalabs and the rest of our investors. Although we do not use our real names on Telegram, we do reveal our identities to our backers to build confidence. Finally, we built a strong infrastructure to meet blockchain security requirements. We were fortunate in that one of our co-founders had previously worked in a cybersecurity related position.

What benefits do you provide to incentivize users to choose your platform?

The main incentive for newcomers is that we are still a new project and did not launch our tokens yet. Participants of our community private sale and our upcoming public sale will be among the first investors.

For our early adopters, incentives are fantastic. By making a community-wide private sale, we exhibited the level of importance we place on our community. Most initiatives don't accomplish it; instead, they sell to venture capitalists. We also had an airdrop for our Beta testers / private sale investors.

Can you share the achievements the team has made so far? What are the major achievement targets Heroes of NFT is yet to achieve? What are your future plans for the project?

To fund the project, we sold more than 500k USD worth of NFTs (about 12k NFTs). This is a significant milestone for us since it allowed us to have a Certik audit for our token contract and yield farming contracts.

We started with four co-founders and now have a team of twelve.

The Co-Founder Team is a highly skilled group of individuals. All the members are graduates of the same university, which is one of Turkey's top-ranked and internationally known universities. Since the team members live in the same city, they have the opportunity to meet together for team-building activities. For start-ups, we feel that team building is critical.

The other accomplishment is our community. We have the best community in the Avalanche ecosystem. Projects cannot be effective unless they have a strong community behind them. In the meetings we attended, people kept expressing how wonderful our community is!

Of course, we performed admirably on a technical level as well. We now have a game that can be played. I believe we are the only project on Avalanche that has a collectible card game that can be played. Having an interactive game that you can play against your opponents as opposed to a browser-based idle game differentiates us from the many projects on the Avalanche network.

Another thing we accomplished for the project was to complete majority of the funding through a strategic and private sale. We also have an upcoming scheduled public sale.

Our future plans include renewing the arena design and creating 3D versions of the characters in order to make the experience more realistic and effective while playing the game. In addition, we plan to integrate in-game voice chat and emoji chats to increase interaction between players.

In the process of moving our project to the metaverse, we have plans to launch our metaverse lobby screen, sell land, start using avatars, and launch AR/VR applications. As an end goal, you will be able to create your own Metasphere, roam the universe, interact, and trade Avalanche NFTs with other users while enjoying the play-to-earn games in our battle arenas. You will start by designing your own Avatar, create your own NFT stand where you can display and list all your NFTs from Avalanche projects for sale. Then you will let your Avatar roam the universe, visit your neighbors, mingle with other Avatars, and explore their NFT stands. You will be able to make a bid on their NFTs or make swap offers.

Please share your roadmap.

This is our roadmap. We have a good plan in place with attainable goals.

Who are some of your partners and how do they help your project? How will everyone benefit from these partnerships?

We have important partners and backers including Avaxstars, NFTrade, Yetiswap, Colony, Maven Capital, DAR Labs, Aventures DAO, who are crucial for our project's success. Their investments and partnerships help us develop the project while ensuring funding.

Our partners are very well known within the ecosystem, especially in Avalanche, and we use them to further develop our project. Their expertise, strong network, and support help us grow and be known in the sector.

Most of the investors are focused purely on the price of the token in the short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us your investors’ motivations and benefit expectations for holding your token in the long term?

First, we offer the opportunity to be a part of a megatrend, the Metaverse, that shapes the future of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our project focuses on creating a gaming and trading environment within the metaverse. Furthermore, our updated tokenomics will be beneficial for long-term investing. The price stability of the HON token we provide and its high frequent usage in the project in the future will benefit our long-term investors.

What wallets can currently support your tokens?

Avalanche, Metamask

Can you explain more in detail what the NFT Cards are for? Where can I buy NFT Cards?

You can buy our NFT Cards on our website, Kalao and NFTrade. The NFT assets are the core component of the gameplay. The players will be challenged by the game and by each other with the hero (HRO) cards. Other NFT assets which will be generated by players in the game and sold in the marketplace will enrich the gameplay thus making it more enjoyable. While NFT assets are player-ownable, they’re also tradable on the marketplace. Moreover, by staking NFT Cards together with your Hon tokens, you can have passive income.

What's the usage of HON & HRM?

The HON Token supply is limited and it serves as a governance token. We'll distribute it via yield farming and staking of NFTs with HON token in addition to the sales rounds. Staking NFT with HON token is for our small investors who do not want to lose money in any impermanent loss. Another benefit of the HON is that it will be used in the marketplace by our users to purchase different NFTs. HON token is intended to be used as a premium currency, having HON allows users to participate in serious competitions. Moreover, our Metasphere (land) sales will also be conducted in HON token.

You can gain HRM tokens by participating in games and tournaments. HRM tokens can be spent in the in-game shop for in-game items and power-ups. These in-game items can be used only once. They are bought using Digital HRM then burnt.

What is the role of the community in developing a project? And what is the strategy to create a solid community?

We believe that without a strong community, no project can survive, so we aim to have loyal ambassadors from different countries who relentlessly promote the project. Our marketing and community growth strategies, thus, purely focus on how to make our community a part of our project. Our private sale approach and our airdrop for private investors are evidence of this belief.

What is the project's business model? What is the value generation model?

We have three categories of users which are namely Farmers, workers, and gamers.

Farmers are the investors in yield farm protocol and farming is a way to generate rewards in the form of additional HON tokens. While providing funds for the game economy, they will also be shareholders of Heroes of NFT ecosystem. They will be able to benefit from the generated income. Farmers are expected to be from the early adopters, especially those coming from a private sale. They will provide HON tokens to the ecosystem.

Gamers are expected to be mostly younger users, especially from developing countries. They will be online on the game to earn more HRM Tokens. But they will also be the ones who spend AVAX to buy NFTs and spend HON in the marketplace for Hero NFTs, skins, lands, Hero Superpowers (HSP), Hero Items (HIT) and spend HRM for in-game items.

Workers will be the ones who do not play the games as much as gamers but want to have an income from the game. They will spend AVAX to buy Hero character NFTs to stake together with HON Token to generate HSP NFTs and HIT NFTs for the gamers. Generation of HSP NFTs and HIT NFTs will require either burning of HRM or spending some percentage of HON Token that was staked as a fee. Workers naturally will be HON holders as they need to stake HON.

Adoption is a challenge for any blockchain project, especially in this sensitive period of the entire market when many blockchain projects die because only a few are using their platform. What is your team’s strategy & vision on this issue?

We believe that we will have no problem of lack of users since our project has a real use case and people can earn money thanks to our play to earn mechanics. We are targeting young people with gaming experience in developing countries, so we think these focus groups would not have an adoption problem.

How can I invest in HON? Do you have any ICO or maybe presale now?

We have completed our private sale, but our IDO will be in late January or early February.

What will be the place of HON in the crypto world, and will HON do other things besides nft+game?

Hon aims to create a sustainable game economy with a high-quality gaming experience. Also, we are not limited to just only NFT and game. Our defi side is powerful as we are providing yield farming and NFT staking option with our HON tokens.

What shall we expect from HON as a supporter or small investor? and how can we trace or evaluate development of Hon? What is your suggestion for small (tiny) investors/supporters?

HON is a community-oriented project. Hence, we sold tokens to our community in our private sale. Our NFT staking with HON token is going to be useful for only small investors without taking impermanent loss risk. In terms of development, it is really going very well as you can see from our videos.

Not all NFTs that are offered in the market are valuable So how will #HON ensure that the NFTs that are manufactured, issued, and traded on its platform are valuable and successful, and what strategies will it use to make them competitive in this fierce market?

We are utilizing our NFTs in our game ecosystem. This is the most important difference between our projects with jpeg NFT projects. Our NFTs are the key to opening the doors to make income.

What is the usage of Metasphere (Land)? Why should I buy it?

First, you have a unique land in the metaverse and these are limited. You can sell or lease this land on the market. In other words, it is an investment tool in a sense. You will be able to organize your own tournament events in the ecosystem. Also, you’ll be able to rent out your HRO characters to the other players if you’re a landowner and share the revenue as HRM. Think of Metaspheres as real-world landed properties, you can found a business upon it, rent it, sell it and even customize it thus making it more valuable.

Metaspheres belonging to the project teams will be used as Metaverse ads by designing website redirects.

Metaspheres are different from some of the other lands in the other projects as they are not just plots of areas where buildings are built and businesses are run, but rather they are items that offer unique utility to their owners. Therefore, we have decided to name our lands 'Metaspheres.' It’s a word merged from ‘Metaverse’ and ‘Atmosphere’ as in essence, their owners will have their own spaces, and the lands will be the source of these spaces. Just as the atmosphere is to humankind.

We would like our players and NFT holders to be Metasphere owners, therefore NFT holdership will be a prerequisite for the Metasphere (land) sale.

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